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The Story of God's Love

Jesus Loves the Little Children


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1. God Loves You

No Matter Who You Are or What You've Done

(3 Minutes)

2. The Gospel Message

Why Doesn't Everyone go to Heaven?

(7 Minutes) 

3. The Two Scariest Lies

You're a Good Person & God Will Not Punish

(5 Minutes)

4. Man is Separated From God

How Do We Bridge the Gap?

(9 Minutes)

5. God Gives Us a Choice

You Can Accept God's Free Gift or Reject it

(25 Minutes)

6. Can We Trust the Bible?

The Bible is Absolutely God's Word

(3 Minutes)

7. Evidence For God

The Scientific Laws of Information Prove God

(3 Minutes)

8. God Lets You Decide

God Will Not Force You Into Heaven

(2 Minutes)

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