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         "5 Steps to Heaven"?

The Bible's "5 Steps to Heaven"

by Heaven Ready Ministries



     People all Around the World have come up with Many Different Ideas about Who can go to Heaven and What it takes to Get there; Different Beliefs, Different Paths and Different Religions.  But Few Stop to realize this One Very Important Thing; “Heaven Doesn’t Belong to Us” - so It’s not up to “US” to decide WHO can Go to Heaven and WHAT it Takes to Get There!  Heaven Belongs to GOD and HE ALONE decides WHO can enter Heaven and WHAT it takes to Get there!  So Regardless of what WE might THINK or what WE might BELIEVE, it’s Only GOD’S WAY that Matters!

     God has a Simple Message that He wants Everyone on Planet Earth to Hear!  Regardless of Who You Are or Where You Live! God wants EVERYONE to go to Heaven, that’s why He made His PATH to Heaven so CLEAR and so SIMPLE!  Now although God’s Message is a SIMPLE one, it’s the Most IMPORTANT Message Anyone can ever Hear because HOW you choose to RESPOND to God’s Message will determine WHERE you'll Spend ETERNITY!

     Every Day 150,000 people Die and are Instantly Thrust into Eternity (54 million Every Year) with Most of them HOPING to make it to Heaven!  But, according to the Bible, Most People Never Will!  Is that because Most People are BAD People?  NO!  It's because Most People never take the Time - like YOU'RE doing Right Now - to Find Out what God says it Takes to GET to Heaven!  You see, it's Not Enough to just WANT to Go to Heaven, you have to know HOW to Get to Heaven!

     So what IS this Simple Message that God wants Everyone to Hear?  It's called "The GOSPEL".  The GOSPEL simply means; "GOOD NEWS"!  God's "Good News" is the Whole Story of Jesus, how that God Loved us so much, He sent His One and Only Son down to Earth to be born in a manger, to grow up and Live a Sinless Life, to Die on the Cross for our Sin and then to Rise Again from the dead to be the Savior of the World!  AND how Jesus willingly did all this for us so we could go to Heaven and Not have to spend all of ETERNITY in that TERRIBLE place called HELL.



     IF YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN, you have to First HEAR and UNDERSTAND the Gospel, you have to BELIEVE the Gospel and then you have to put your FAITH, LOVE and TRUST in the CHRIST of Gospel!  ONLY THEN will God by His GRACE, Save You, Forgive your Sins and give you Eternal Life in Heaven!  The Bible makes it very clear, "There is Absolutely NO OTHER WAY TO HEAVEN"!


     There is NOTHING we can DO to EARN Eternal Life, it is a FREE GIFT, Bought and Paid for by Jesus Christ Himself by His Death and Resurrection!  We are Saved by GRACE Alone, through FAITH Alone, in CHRIST Alone!

     God's Gospel Message has 5 Critical Parts; we call them the Bible's "5 Steps to Heaven".  God want everyone to Go to Heaven AND He wants you to be 100 PERCENT SURE of it BUT, before you can Receive God's Free Gift of Eternal Life, you have to;

1. ACCEPT Who Jesus IS

2. TRUST What Jesus SAID

3. BELIEVE What Jesus DID

4. LOVE Jesus as Your LORD

5. REPENT and COMMIT Your LIFE to Jesus 

     We'll explain each of these Critical Steps to you in a Simple Way in the pages to follow.  At the end, we'll show you how to make the most important decision of your Life!  You may be able

to get through these 5 Steps Today OR it may take you a Few Days but remember, every minute you go without the Saving Grace of God only puts you closer to HELL, Not HEAVEN!  If you died tonight in your Sleep, you'd Never get another chance to Understand and Receive God's Free Gift of Eternal Life  and would spend all of Eternity in that Terrible Place Called Hell!

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