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On Becoming a New Christian!


Becoming a Christian is THE most incredible event that will ever take place in your life.  After praying a Prayer of Salvation with a sincere heart, you can now have peace with your Creator and fully trust in God's promise that He has given you Eternal Life!  The Bible tells us that when we receive Jesus as our Savior, there is rejoicing in Heaven! (Luke 15:10)  Be assured, now that you have entrusted your life to Jesus, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He knows your every thought, your every care and your deepest concerns.  Sounds Great!  So Where Do I Go From Here?

Get Started With These 4 Steps . . .


1. First, We Would Love To Hear Your Story . . .  

     Everyone has a Story!  We would love to hear what circumstances brought you to our website and why you chose to make your decision.  Just click on the banner below and fill out a quick little online form.  We would love to Pray for you!  If you have already sent us your story, continue on to Step 2.

2.  Read Your Bible and Pray . . .

      Now that you have become a Christian, you need to learn all you can about God and His wonderful Son Jesus who saved you and has promised you a home forever in Heaven.  We find out all about Jesus and God by reading and studying the Bible.  We recommend that you obtain a copy of the Bible (KJV) and start reading the book of John.  John is the 4th book in the New Testament. The Bible is divided up into two parts, The Old Testament and The New Testament - there are a total of sixty-six books in the Bible and young Christians don't always know where to start.  After you finish the book of John, we recommend that you go on the book of Romans and then the book of Acts.  That should get you off to a very good start.  Then you can start in Matthew and read through the entire New Testament.                                           CLICK HERE for a FREE Online Bible you can access anytime!

We are excited for you because you are about to begin a fantastic journey through the Bible which is filled with the most amazing things that ever happened here on planet earth and every bit of it is true!  Read your Bible everyday and Pray.  Ask God to help you in every area of your life. He loves you and He is concerned about you in a very personal way. Talk with Him everyday and ask Him to show you His will for your life.  Watch this quick video clip on the reliability of the Bible. 

3.  Find a Good Church . . .


     Now that you're a Christian, It is very important that you find a good church right away so you can learn more about God and you can start growing in your new Christian life.  It is also very important that you find a good Bible Believing Church that preaches the gospel.  Unfortunately, not every organization that calls itself a Church, is necessarily the type of Church that God has in mind for us. Many Churches are simply social organizations and are not effectively doing the work God expects them to do. Perhaps you are attending a Church right now but you have never heard anyone there teach or preach the clear message of the Gospel.  If not, then it's important to find a Good Church that does because teaching people about the Gospel and then training those people to teach the Gospel is one of the most important things a Church can do.

Start looking for a good Bible Believing Church in your area that preaches the true Gospel right away.  Click on the link below for a directory of strong Bible Believing Churches Worldwide that might help.  If you find one close to you, call them up and tell them you are a new Christian and they will gladly help you get started.

4.  Join DCN, Begin to Grow as a Christian and Help Us Tell the World . . .


     The Gospel Message you just heard and responded to is the same message that God wants every person on this planet to hear!  It doesn't matter who they are, what country they live in, whether their rich or poor, what they believe, what their religion is, whether their an agnostic or even an athiest, if their living and breathing, God wants them to hear His simple Gospel Message! God's simple message is so powerful it can change your eternal destiny yet, it is so simple that we can give a clear presentation of it in 15 minutes or even less!  Now that you're a Christian, God is depending on you to join your other brothers and sisters in Christ as a Disciple and help share God's wonderful message of Salvation!

Get Started Right Now!  How?  Click on the Logo below and go back to the Digital Christian Network Home Page, click on the Second Box at the bottom, watch the Intro Video, Join the Network, access all the Great Resources, start telling everyone you can about DCN and help us take the Gospel around the world! 

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