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Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Family Reunion Song"

 (Click to Play or Pause)

Mccorkle Park & the Old Middle School Building

Cameron, Missouri 64429

11:00am - Whenever!  (PotLuck starting at 12:00 noon)

Yes, we have both the School and the Park Reserved!

Food, Fun, and Family!

Family Potluck!

Bring Your Favorite Dish to share, a Side Dish and a Desert!

(Or whatever your little heart desires!)  The meeting room that we have reserved in the Old Middle School should accommodate all the dishes we're bringing and there should be a limited number of outlets available for crock-pots and such.  (Can't wait to enjoy some of that down-home Missouri cooking again!)

"Minute To Win It" Games!

We'll be setting up some Fun and Challenging Games for the whole family to play! - Inspired by the "Minute To Win It" television series!

Family Talent Show for Juniors!

Just about every kid has some kind of talent and we would love to see it!  We would love to have ALL our kids (teenagers and below), participate if possible (it's not a contest so just relax and have fun).

(play a musical instrument, tell a joke, sing a song, do a magic trick, make a funny face, do a skit, tell a story - whatever you would like to do)

Practice up and come prepared to show us what you've got!

Don't Miss It! - See You There!

Do you have a Question (or Comment) about the Reunion?  Type your message below and click the blue submit button!

We'll get back with you as soon as we can.  Thanks - John Ellis

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