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About Us

AmericanVeterans.us has a three-fold purpose.  First of all, we hope our platform will encourage "freedom loving Americans" across the country to take a more active role in honoring and supporting our brave American Veterans.  Many of America’s courageous Veterans are hurting and need our help.  There’s an old saying, “Even when our Soldiers come Home, they Never come Home the Same”. 


More than 6,000 of America’s Veterans, men and women, commit suicide every year – this number could be reduced dramatically if more help and resources were available to proactively reach out to them.  An estimated 500,000 suffer daily from some form of PTSD and 1.5 million Veterans are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.


Many of our nation’s heroes need our help and we believe that millions of our citizens would be willing and proud to help if they only knew how! 


Although AmericanVeterans.us does not accept donations, we do promote and inform people across the country of many different “Veteran focused” programs, opportunities and organizations we believe are worthy of your trust, your support and your generous donations. 


Our website also provides you with information, ideas and resources that you can personally use to make a difference in the lives of Veterans right in your own community.  Our brave Veterans were there for us when we needed them most, doesn’t it only make sense that we should be there for them when they need us most?


Secondly, our website is available 24 hours a day for Veterans and their families to access the resources they need “around the clock” but especially in a crisis. We provide directories, internet links, phone numbers and addresses of many national and local services, programs, resources, and organizations dedicated to assisting our Veterans in a variety of different ways.


Lastly, our platform not only seeks to provide Physical assistance to Veterans but we also purpose to provide Spiritual assistance as well. Many of our brave Veterans live not only with physical trauma, they suffer with emotional trauma as well.  Many struggle with feelings of rejection and worthlessness without hope and without purpose.  We want them to know that God Loves them, that God Accepts them and that God wants nothing more than to give them the Hope they wish for and Purpose they dream of.  We want our Veterans to not only have hope in this life, but hope for all eternity!


That’s why we partner with Heaven Ready Ministries. They present a complete Gospel message not only to our Veterans, but to everyone worldwide!  We want everyone to understand exactly what God says it takes to get to Heaven and have Eternal Life!


If you have a genuine concern for Veterans and you want to help Honor, Inform, Equip and Inspire them, then we would encourage you to promote our website whenever and wherever you can, not only to Veterans and their families, but to everyone.  We believe that everyone can benefit from the information we provide on this site and can become inspired to reach out to our great American Veterans in a variety of different ways.


Now we realize of course that not everyone has access to the internet, and not everyone will be able to directly benefit from what our website provides.  BUT, that’s why our desire is to educate and challenge those that do have the internet so they can become inspired to reach out and support our Veterans “one on one” and “face to face”.


We believe that if each of us would take an active part in reaching out to Veterans in some small way, it would make a tremendous difference in the lives of Veterans across the country. 


If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us via the contact page on our website.

Thank You for Your Support,


Keith S. Gilroy, Founder


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